Which Part Of The Water Pipes Are You Responsible For?

Which Part Of The Water Pipes Are You Responsible For?

Are you confused about what is your responsibility when it comes to the water pipes in your home?

Generally speaking the home owner is responsible for the pipe leading from the external stop tap at the property boundary into the home. This means for any lead pipes found or perhaps a leak within that area of pipeline that would be the home owner’s responsibility to maintain and repair. We have created an image to show you an idea of the pipeline positioning and boundaries leading to your home!

If you live within an apartment building/block of flats the responsibility for leaks etc. within the supply pipe would fall on the factor for the building to correct.

If however you live in an area in which your water main is private and not adopted by Scottish Water then you are responsible for the full main, communication pipe and supply pipe into your home.

If you fear you have a leak or lead pipes in the area you are responsible for don’t panic! Call us on 01389 872 229 and we can visit your property and locate any issues.

Furthermore Scottish water have some helpful information in relation to how they can help if you have a problem on the pipeline you are responsible for -

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