Lead Pipe Replacement Scotland

Do You Have Lead Pipes?

Before you stress out about the potential danger or implications of lead pipes first of all find out if you have them in your home.

If your home was built before 1970 and has not been modernised there is a high chance that the water pipes are in fact made of lead. There are a few ways in which you can find out what your water pipes are made of. Firstly maybe ask your neighbours! They may know or even have looked into lead piping themselves.

Inside: have a look behind the cupboards in your kitchen and sink, take a look at the pipe material used. There may be other potential areas in your home which you may have access to the pipes, for example under your stairs.

Outside: If you open the flap at the stop valve outside your home you should be able to visibly see the small water pipes which carry the water in and around your home.

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Lead Pipe Replacement

  • Before 1970 many smaller water pipes were made from lead
  • After 1970 companies began using other materials such as copper, iron and plastic to carry water into people's homes.
  • Many older buildings and homes still have lead piping connecting the water main to their house.
  • Some older properties, including tenements may still have a lead lined water storage tank.
  • Lead may also enter your water supply through soldered joints in household copper pipework. Although lead solder for these types of joints was prohibited in 1987, there is evidence that lead solder is still sometimes used illegally.

What Can WaterWise Do?

There are a couple of techniques available when it comes to replacing lead pipes. We can "mole" a new pipe in or dig an open track trench to replace. The moling technique involves minimal disruption. We can dig a metre square hole every 15m and mole from one to the other. This technique is totally dependent on ground conditions. The method of replacement is all dependant on the individual job so let's arrange a visit to view and discuss your options.

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