WIRS Provider - Scotland

WaterWise Utilities Ltd started out as DS Construction (Scotland) in 2005. We have continuously worked hard to become a WIRS provider to Scottish Water with over 100 projects completed on various development sites.

We thought this was the perfect time to change our company name and image as what started out to be a small construction company is now a specialised water utility company dedicated to providing the best service and expert advice on the market.

Although our name is changing, our commitment to you and your projects remains the same. Please be assured that all the same devoted staff currently working with you to deliver projects will continue to do so. Our goal remains to carry on providing you with a high-quality, responsive service and to make this organisational change transparent to you as we move forward.

Operating from our office in Glasgow, we are committed to providing:

  • Professional service
  • Efficient and reliable staff
  • Minimum disruption
  • Competitive pricing

Our management have over 65 years of water experience which enables them to fully understand the needs of our clients. Our staff are trained to the highest standards and we use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure every job is completed in a professional manner and complies with the latest Health & Safety legislation.

We work within our Points of Culture to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with us is respected, every contract is completed in a highly satisfactory and professional manner and by using our extensive industry knowledge and experience we will continue with our unrivalled ability to deliver on time.

Our 9 Points of Culture

Commitment - We give ourselves and everything we commit to 100 percent until we succeed. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of WaterWise Utilities, its current and future team, and its clients at all times.

Ownership - We are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in our work and in our life.

Integrity - We always speak the truth. What we promise is what we deliver. We only ever make agreements with ourselves and others that we are willing and intend to keep.

Excellence - Good enough just isn't. We always deliver services of exceptional quality that add value to all involved for the long term. We look for ways to do more with less and stay on a path of constant and never ending improvements and innovation to save clients time and money.

Communication - We speak positively of our fellow team members and clients. We speak with good purpose using empowerment and positive conversation.

Success - We totally focus our thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome and completion of our works.

Teamwork - We are team players. We do whatever it takes to stay together and achieve our goals. We focus on cooperation and always come to a resolution, not a compromise.

Consistency - We are consistent in our actions so our clients and team members can feel comfortable in dealing with us at all times. We are disciplined in our work so our results, growth, and success are consistent.

Systems - We always look to the system for a solution. If a challenge arises we use a system correction before we look for a people correction. We suggest system improvements at the first opportunity.


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